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WebHosting - uncomplicated

If you are looking for a consistently SAFE, SECURE and FAST solution to host your web site- we can help you.
If you are looking for an attractive functional design for your web site- we can help you.
We could simple copy and paste something from another webhosting company, and be like everyone else - with the same jargon, just a bunch of words.
But instead, we want you to try for yourself. If you buy one of our hosting packages, and you’re not happy with the performance of our servers or our personalised service within 2 weeks of using our products - we’ll give you a complete refund.

Site Design - simple

In all honesty, we do strive to provide the best service in hosting and design, with a ridiculously high uptime guaranteed - (remember, if you don’t like it = full refund!)
You can be sure that your investment in our services will be on a stable, secure server. What have you got to lose?
We design websites, that are easy for you to manage, with an easy to use administrator interface that lets you control your site
Whether you want a simple site with just a few pages or a more complex site with features like shopping cart and forums we are able to design and create just what you want.

YourNameHere.Com - For You

Our web servers are purpose built and configured for the hard slogging of 24/365 operations. Equipped with a bunch of things that reduce and eleminate downtime, two Main power streams into our datacentre, backed up with uninterruptible power supplies and generators (that’s 4 streams of power!)- It’s going to be hard for someone to take down a server!
We only use the best when it comes to running professional websites! but hey you probably arent too interested in all the details just as long as it works right? Let us take the hassle out of your web experience and you can just get on with doing what you do best.
We will work to ensure your web hosting experience is a good one.


We like to design websites that look great and are easy for you to manage.   Regardless of whether your site has just a few pages or a complex multilevel site with forums, OnLine shopping, video uploads, subscription services and other "jazz" we think we can help you.   We take a litttle time in conversation with you in order to fully understand your desires for your site then we create a site specifically suited to your needs. We can use your existing graphics or design from scratch its up to you.   Once the site is up and running if you choose to create new pages, add photos etc you can do so from the easy to operate administrator interface, or we will happily do it for you. Your site is built in such a way that expansion wont be a problem so feel free to start small and build up.   If you think we can help feel free to contact us.